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Sunday Bulletin

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 18, 2007

Readings.  Gospel: Luke 6:27-38

       "One day I was driving through a small village on the outskirts of Oldham when I saw stocky young man with a big pack on his back trying to thumb a lift.  So I stopped to enquire where he wanted to go.
        It turned out that he was a Japanese university student hitch-hiking his way around the world.  When he first eased himself into the passenger seat of my old Morris 1000, I had an overwhelming sensation of fear, caused, I think, by the fact that I had spent a lot of  my youth watching ware films.  Films such as Back to Bataan and many others concerning the war against the Japanese.  I had grown up with the idea that the Japanese were my enemies, never friends.
        But I need not have worried.  I had a most interesting conversation with the young student and looked upon the Japanese in a new light.  They were, after all, human, just like me, and in need of a helping hand at times, just like me. " 
                                                   .     -- D. T. Niles    

Ash Wednesday
      Masses:   5:30 pm, St. Mary       7:15 pm, St. Cecilia 

   Mass Intentions:  Week of February 18, 2007

  Sunday          9:30 a.m.  ------   David de Torre
  Monday             8 a.m.  ------   David de Torre
  Wednesday        8 a.m.  ------   John Lawson
  Thursday            8 a.m.  ------   Agnes & James Boyle
  Friday                8 a.m.  ------   Gerald Saldana   



From the Pew:

      Those who are committed to the Montfaucon vacation in Limoux, France, should now let Fr.O' be advised. The airfare is the responsibility of each person.  The cost for the 7-night's stay (June 16th to 23rd) is $1250 per person of which $650 will be donated back to St. Cecilia's parish.  By Feb. 25th, if places are still available, the invitation will then be extended to non-St. Cecilia-St. Mary parishioners.  If one wishes to stay longer than a week in Europe, they can make their extended arrangements.
      The Annual Archdiocesan Appeal begins this week.  St. Cecilia has been assessed at $6,000;  St. Mary's Church, $3,300.  We are hoping to have the AAA collection completed by early June.

Lenten Series               All presentations at St. Cecilia Church

  • Wednesday,  Feb. 28th  -  7:15 pm  Mr. Jonathan Kathrein
     A Presentation focused more for Parents on Understanding the pressures facing Teenagers in these tender years. Mr.Kathrein speaks to high schools, colleges and other groups throughout California.

  • Wednesday,  March 7th  - 7:15 pm  Msgr. Joseph Milani
    A Catholic Priest for over sixty years.  He will address the impact Catholic Faith has had upon him, and how the church has changed from his youthful days to the present. Msgr. Milani comes with a great sense of humor and love of Faith.

  • Wednesday,  March 14th - 7:15 pm Rev. Jerry O'Rouke.
    A discussion of Ecumenism in the church and the interest of Christian denominations to dialogue and work together on common issues.

  • Wednesday,  March 21st,
              .  6:15 pm Soup & Bread
                 7:15 pm Communal Penance Service in preparation for Easter.

  • Wednesday,  March 28th  - 7:15 pm  Sister Judy Donovan
     Sr. Judy will speak on Fractured Communities and the Healing process and steps necessary to wholeness. 

                "Find What You Love, and Love What You Find."  ..