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Sunday Bulletin

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 4, 2007

Readings.  Gospel: Luke 5:1-11

       "On my very first visit to Israel, we arrived in Galilee in the late evening.  It was dark and a moonless night. After a light meal, I pulled back the curtain and was taken aback at the scene laid out before me.  For there was the Sea of Galilee, faintly discernible by starlight. As I looked more closely, I saw a large circle of light bobbing up and down somewhere in the middle of the sea.  It was breathtakingly beautiful to observe.  And at first, I was baffled as to what was actually happening.  But suddenly, it occurred what I was seeing, a small group of fishermen doing what they have done for thousands of years on Galilee.  They had laid down their nets for a catch.  Fishing for St. Peter's fish, a large delicacy enjoyed locally at many a hotel." 
                                                   .     -- Ron Dale, 1998   


   Mass Intentions:  Week of February 4, 2007

  Sunday          9:30 a.m.  ------   David De La Torre
  Sunday        11:15 a.m. ------    Helen Sutherland
  Monday         8 a.m.     ------    David De La Torre
  Wednesday    8 a.m.     ------    John Lawson
  Thursday        8 a.m.     ------    Agnes & James Boyle
  Friday            8 a.m.     ------    Virginia Prendergast   

"The Calling from the Lord is Within the Silence in the Heart" 


From the Pew:

      The Celebrant's chair is completed given to St. Cecilia's Church by the Dentkos Family in memory of theirs parents.  Joyce Vagasy found an upholsterer and completed the restoration.  You are all welcome to have a sit in it.
       Fr. O' will be away from the parish in Los Angeles from February 12 to February 15.  Be nice to St. Rita's. 

        Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Pat White is offering a one-week holiday at their castle Montfaucon residence in the beautiful French town Limoux,  in the Southern region of France.

  •   7-night lodging, one night in Lourdes, 6 nights at Montfaucon;

  •   7 breakfast and dinners (lunches not included)

  •   All transportation for sight-seeing and other adventures included (except Wednesdays). Pick-up and return to Toulouse International Airport included;

  • Wine tasting

       There will be room for eight guests, including Fr.O'. Each guest, excluding Fr. O', will pay $600 per person to Montfaucon and $650 per person to St. Cecilia's, total $1250 per person.  The airfare is the responsibility of each guest excluding Fr. O'.
         The dates: Saturday June 16 to Saturday June 23, 2007.
         This is an exceptional offer not to be missed and benefits the parish.  Any parishioner interested, contact Fr. O', First come first served.  For information about castle and town, check out website http://www.montfacontours.com