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Sunday Bulletin

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 28, 2007

Readings.  Gospel: Luke 4:21-30

       Wanted -  for Sedition, Criminal Anarchy, Vagrancy and Conspiring to overthrow the Established Government.  Dresses poorly.  Said to be a carpenter by trade.  Ill-nourished, has visionary ideas, associates with common working people, the unemployed and bums.
Alien - believed to be a Jew.  Alias: 'Prince of Peace'.  Professional Agitator, marks on hands and feet inflicted by respectable citizens and legal authorities.  
      So runs the now well known 'warrant' which first appeared in a Christian underground newspaper in the United States which describes Christianity in persecuted totalitarian countries of their image of Jesus Christ.     -- Hans Kung   


   Mass Intentions:  Week of January 28, 2007

  Sunday          9:30 a.m.  ------   Desmond & Jinda
  Sunday        11:15 a.m. ------    Agnes & James Boyle
  Monday         8 a.m.     ------    David De La Torre
  Wednesday    8 a.m.     ------    John Lawson
  Thursday        8 a.m.     ------    Parishioners of St. Brigid Church
  Friday            8 a.m.     ------    Desmond & Jinda   

"Gardeners Spread The Best Dirt"  Geraldine Walsh


From the Pew:

      Change in IRS Regulations relating to Church Contributions

        Parishes "are reminded that contributions to foreign charitable organizations, e.g. foreign parishes, dioceses, religious orders, missions, or other charities are NOT deductible as charitable contributions.  This cannot be changed by asking the parishioner to make their check payable to the parish with the intended foreign charity noted on the memo line.  Such contributions are not gifts to the parish, and are not deductible.  In these cases, the parish is acting as a conduit for transmission of the contributions to the foreign charity, which is NOT an eligible donee."

       Catholic Adult Singles Marin County, Saturday, February 3, St. Valentine's Day Dinner/Dance with Sonoma County Singles.  For information, call Bob, (415) 897-0639.


        February 10, 2007.  St. Mary's Cathedral, 10AM.  Bishop John J. Wester extends an invitation to all married couples who are celebrating 25th, 50th, or 50+ wedding anniversaries.  Renewal of vows during the Mass.  Small reception to follow the Eucharist.  If interested in attending, forms are a the table by the front door of the church.