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Sunday Bulletin

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 21, 2007

Readings.  Gospel: Luke 1:1- 4;  4:14-21

      Luke places Jesus in Nazareth, where He was raised to manhood.  Here amongst His own people the scene announces who Jesus is, what His ministry consists, what His church will be and do, and what will be the response to both Jesus and the church.
     Jesus affirms the Sabbath and the synagogue.  He not only attends but participates by reading scripture and commenting upon it.
     There was only one temple, but synagogues arose everywhere led by the Pharisees.  The synagogue became the center of the book 'Torah' not of the altar which was the temple.  In time the synagogue became and remains today the dominant form of Judaism.  The church is the central house for Catholic worship.   

"If you don't live it, you don't believe it." Fr. O'


   Mass Intentions:  Week of January 21, 2007

  Sunday          9:30 a.m.  ------   Desmond & Jinda
  Sunday        11:15 a.m. ------    Ann Young
  Monday         8 a.m.     ------    David De La Torre
  Wednesday    8 a.m.     ------    John Lawson
  Thursday        8 a.m.     ------    Desmond & Jinda
  Friday            8 a.m.     ------    Jerry Drohan   



From the Pew:

       The Altar Society to meet with Fr. O', January 24th, 7 p.m. rectory.
        Our first baptism of the year 2007,  Master Zachery Farbstein

Change in IRS Regulations relating to Church Contributions

        "Due to recent changes in the tax laws, beginning with contributions made in 2007, parishioners who itemize deductions of their tax returns will no longer be able to deduct contributions to the parish (or any other non-profit or charity) unless they maintain a bank record or written contribution statement from the parish or other charity.  If you wish to ensure deductibility of your contributions to the parish, please use a check or maintain a copy of a statement showing a direct deposit taken from your account and provided to the parish. You can also use our parish envelopes.  The parish will track contributions made using those envelopes and will, upon request, produce a written statement of contributions made during a given tax year. Canceled checks and other bank records are also sufficient documentation.  The Parish cannot track cash contributions not made via our envelopes."