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Sunday Bulletin


January 7, 2007

Readings.  Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

    No one is left out in the Christmas event. The heavenly creation - the Angels - are present at His birth watching over Him as they do in His heavenly kingdom.
     The shepherds, the poorest of the poor, are welcome to His manager.  The animals as a part of creation are also present.
     Today we have royalty or the magi, arriving to the manger.  It is fitting that the most learned should come, the scientists and academicians of the East, just as the unlettered mixed with them.  High or Low, Oriental or Occidental, Sage or Simpleton, Skilled Unskilled, Bethlehem is the rendezvous for them all.
     God has no distinctions, and at His birth He has left no one out.  (Fabulous stuff!)   

"A mother brought her daughter to church during the Christmas season.  She said to her 7-year old daughter, This is God's house." The daughter began to roam and search the building.  When she returned, she said to her mom, "If this is God's house, where is his bed?"  -from the mouth of innocents.



From the Pew:

      St. Mary's Benefit Concert 2006 has 19 CD's remaining for sale.  There are 2 discs in the CD.  Interested in purchasing, call Spike Drady, 662-2057.
       I wish to add more lectors for our liturgy. If you are interested, call Fr. O'.
       The Altar Society to meet with Fr. O', January 18th, 7 p.m. rectory.
        Men interested in the priesthood are invited to a discernment retreat, Friday January 26th thru Sunday January 28th at St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park.  The weekend is designed to provide the tools needed to help you determine if God might be calling you to a vocation in the priesthood.  Discernment retreat will include prayer, discussion and presentations about the priesthood, group interaction and following the daily routine of a seminarian. For further information, please see Fr. O'.
        Last call for suggestions where statues of saint's feast day be placed at St. Cecilia's Church. .

Mass Intentions:  Week of January 7, 2007

  Sunday         9:30 a.m.  ------    Strain Family
  Monday         8 a.m.     ------    Evelyn O'Sullivan
  Wednesday    8 a.m.     ------    John Lawson
  Thursday        8 a.m.     ------    Gerald Saldana
  Friday            8 a.m.      ------    Jerry Drohan